1. I’m posting their colored versions as well but I just couldn’t help but editing them to look like old photographs. I mean, come on! 

  2. Broken Bones, Broken Souls | April 16, 2014

    My mind is a riddle 

    And the answer lies

    Miles below our feet,

    Beside the precious stones

    Beside the dragons too

    Hidden inside a chest, untouched.

    My mind is the ocean,

    Frail and unknown,

    Interconnected, one to the other

    An endless map,

    A spiral of seas.

    It is the ocean:

    A house for life,

    A home for everything in between.

    It is the ocean:

    Forgiving yet vengeful,

    Meek yet aggressive,

    Calm yet vicious.

    My mind is a prison:

    A room black and white

    Where the remains of reality

    Are out of my reach

    Try as I might.

    My mind is a prison:

    Bearing life in isolation,

    Where my hands are tied

    To the cold wall above my head,

    A heavy metal ring

    One for each helpless wrist.

    Hard walls surround me,

    No limits, no bounds

    No cracks, no fractures

    No holes nor corners

    Escape is nowhere in sight

    Truly, there’s no use for a fight.

    Some days I see the light

    A window

    An opportunity


    Most days there are chains,

    A lock with no key,

    A poem with no direction,

    A love with no one to love.

    Most days, there are roads,

    Leading me to each side

    A road, a stairway above

    A road, a highway down south.

    My mind is the river,

    It is the clouds, it is fire!

    It is everything in between!

    Yes, my hands are tied

    And my spirit is broken.

    But, wait and see,

    I’ll survive.


  4. Seeing photographs of places in Europe aids me to imagine how difficult it would be to concentrate on just one thing when there are so many other things and sites to look at. 




  5. My dad and I had a date today. It was fun. There were lots of moments of comfortable silence as well as moments of laughter. Today was a good day. 


  6. I’m having so much fun in my Comm 3 class. It’s not just because I want to improve my skills, but the activities are engaging: lots of group work, games, surprise speeches and a lot more! We’ve also shared a lot about ourselves in such a small period of time and so it’s not surprising that the whole class has more or less become “close”. 

    Lots of work, sure, but Comm 3 proves that learning CAN be fun…at least for me.  

    Edit: I just realized that I used “lots” and “a lot” repeatedly and for that I am sorry 


  8. Anonymous asked: Dream job/s?

    professional travel photographer, astrophysicist, biologist. 





  15. I hate that I only appreciate God when good things come my way then ignore or even hate Him the rest of the time. Likewise, I hate that whenever something good happens to me, I always feel as though I don’t deserve it no matter what anyone tells me. 

    I’m not at all religious, but I really do want to change for the better, no matter what it takes and no matter how long it takes.