1. I don’t know why, but I really like this one. 


  2. You know what’s sad? I only got to read 3 books this summer where 2 of them was for scholastic reasons. 

  3. Bataan, Philippines

  4. Bataan, Philippines


  6. Little Ben | Two Steps From Hell

    I remember listening to this on repeat while reading the first half of ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro 

  8. Look at them. Daaaaaaaamn, my friends are pretty!

  9. Her name is Pat. 

    (c) Denise using the new lens!

  10. I’m posting unfinished work so that i can be motivated to actually FINISH it 

    I never really digitally painted before (i “tried” it a few years ago) but i’m trying to learn some techniques and what better way to apply them than by drawing some fanart am i right

    also ohmygod i just installed PS and it’s so much more difficult and confusing to use than gimp tbh

    oh btw 

    mom: *sees drawing* wHY ARE YOU DRAWING THE DEVIL 

  11. Unedited test shots using my new lens, the canon ef 40mm f/2.8 stm!! It’s so light compared to my 6D body but then the IQ it gives you is still great. Awesome piece of glass! 

  12. Yay for self portraits! 

    Animal hat courtesy of my beautiful best friend, Brittany. 


  14. Anonymous said: What's with your blog name?

    Antonio please hahahahhaha. It’s Daenerys’ hair color. 


  15. [.gif was still not working i give up]